Well hello new friend!!


My name is Bri if you didn’t already know, so nice to meet you! I am a born and raised Minnesotan and have been in Duluth for about 28 years! I just turned 32 recently and it feels great! Don't let people get you down about a silly number ;) I love donuts, I am obsessed with macarons, (not macaroons... Google it!), soft pretzels, wine, movies, I’m a huge geek, and nope that’s not a trick with Photoshop, I am a twin (I’m the one on the left)!


I'll be honest, I personally hate getting my picture taken. I know, weird right? Well, you grow up with a camera happy Grandpa and that's what happens, haha! Unless it’s something like stuffing my face full of donuts with my sister as you can see. Photography has always been something I was interested in since I was a youngling setting up and posing our Barbies and shooting with a throw away camera... Remember those? Something about it all just fascinated me!


I do tend to do crazy things if necessary like climb bridges (yes this has happened), lay on the ground, and not care what I look like just to get THE shot, and when I do - and didn’t hurt myself - it's a fantastic feeling!


Photography for me is capturing candid memories and emotions just how you are, whether they’re silly or loving. It's not always simply for a pretty photograph, which of course is wonderfully fun as well, but photographs can also convey a feeling that nothing else can bring.


Whether it be your little one's first birthday, that little one is all grown up and graduating, or your wedding day I would love to help capture whatever memories you wish to keep close to your heart.