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Photo credit to my amazing cousin, Alli Graber, Gray Bird Photography

Hello, new friend!!


I'm Bri, so nice to meet you! I am a born and raised Minnesotan and have been in Duluth for about 28 years! My twin sister and I turned 32 this year and it feels great! In the summer/fall you'll find me up at our family cabin whenever possible, relaxing with a hard cider or out on a jet ski. As for winter, I'm probably wishing for snow globe snow every day and daydreaming about when summer comes back, haha! I love donuts and I am completely obsessed with macarons, soft pretzels, white wine, and going to the movies. You may not find a bigger geek when it comes to Friends, Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter! So basically I'm an adult-child, haha!


I'll be honest, I personally hate getting my picture taken. I know, weird right? When you grow up with a camera happy Grandpa Berini that's what happens, haha!  This business is actually a partial dedication to him. The man captured everything yet still managed to truly live and love life and always smile. He was never a professional, but the biggest thing that hit me after he left this world was how emotional and amazing it was going through all those prints and photo albums he kept... All triple and quadruple copies of them, haha! 


Capturing candid memories and emotions just how you are, whether they’re silly or loving is my passion. It's not always simply for a pretty photograph, photographs truly capture those feeling in a moment that nothing else can bring. Whether it be your little one's first birthday, that little one is all grown up and graduating, or your wedding day I would love to help capture whatever memories you wish to keep close to your heart.   •   218-343-3565

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